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About Deane’s Auto & Truck Repair


At Deane’s Auto & Truck Repair you are dealing with the owners, Barbara and Bob Deane.  Bob and I are hands on, in the trenches, working on your vehicles and helping you get the most out of your car.  We have over 30 years experience in the automotive and truck repair industry and we have spent our careers learning and developing our own techniques to help our customers maintain their vehicles in the most cost effective way possible.

When it comes to trouble shooting and diagnosing complicated issues we are in your corner and we work tirelessly to solve your issue or help you find the right people or tools to help you.  We know what it is like to bring your vehicle to a repair shop with a problem and have a tech or a service adviser look you in the eye, shrug and tell you he didn’t find anything there are no codes.  Just because there isn’t a code doesn’t mean that there isn’t something wrong and just because there IS a code doesn’t mean that is the issue.  Today’s vehicles are highly technical and you need both investigative skills and code reading skills to be a successful mechanic in today’s modern Automotive and Truck Repair Industry.