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Scheduled Maintenance


Manufacturers are pushing the fact that their vehicles have the lowest cost of maintenance, but it has been proven that the average car is far better made than ever before and can be kept for longer than the standard 100K miles.  But there is a catch.  You must NOT follow the recommended schedule of maintenance provided by your manufacturer.

I know, I can feel the eye rolls from here and I’ve heard it all:  ‘you’re just trying to get more money out of me.’  In reality, though, the vehicles that we see that perform scheduled maintenance and skip the extended oil changes have fewer repair bills in the long run.  These vehicle owners are able to budget better because they are following a set plan.

So what is scheduled maintenance?  It starts with your oil changes.  We recommend for vehicles using synthetic blend oils to stick to a 3K mile interval and the vehicles using synthetic to use the 5K mile interval.  Next would be every 36K and we recommend brake fluid exchanged, power steering fluid if you still have it.  Many cars have switched to electronic steering, transmission fluid exchange, transfer cases and front differentials on four-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles and rear-end fluid exchanges.  We recommend that our customers break these services up.  Do a couple every time you do an oil change to keep costs down and help in budgeting.  Some vehicles are adding spark plug changes in every 36K some have stayed with the 100K miles.

Obviously we always want what is best for our customers and their vehicles but we do respect your choice in how you maintain your vehicle at all times.